PM Imran dedicates 100 days success to first lady

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday paid tribute to first lady Bushra Bibi for coping with his tough schedule throughout the 100-day challenge.

While addressing the completion of PTI’s 100 days reform at Jinnah Convention Center, PM Khan lauded Bushra Bibi, stating that he owes the success to the first lady for her support and for carrying out domestic activities while he was occupied with state responsibilities.

“I often forget that I am the prime minister when I watch TV and see injustice in Pakistan,” he said. “Then Bushra Begum reminds me that I am now the prime minister,” he added, as the audience clapped.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that throughout these 100 days, he had only taken one holiday.

“I took a Saturday off only. Credit goes to Bushra Bibi though—she has to survive in such a tough atmosphere,” he said.

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He stated that the first lady has to remind him that he Is the prime minister and holds the stance to take action against atrocities prevailing in the country.

In awe of his commendation for his spouse on the occasion, social media users pitched in their appreciations for PM Khan.