Komal Aziz can pull off any look and these 10 pics prove it

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Pakistani actress Komal Rizvi has impressed us all with her acting talent but we’re quite sure she can pull off any look. These 10 pictures from her Instagram account prove it.

  1. She may not be married yet but she can definitely pull off the bride look. With elegance. 

2. This casual look with the vibrant blue colour really suits Komal. We’re impressed!

3. We really like the way she meshed the grey and black here. Oh and that hat is icing on the cake. Komal Aziz

4. The backdrop of the picture is absolutely gorgeous but Komal stands out as well–for that eye-catching leopard design and overcoat. Komal Aziz

5. Not many people look good in the gym. Komal however, is an exception. Komal Aziz

6. That’s the dress to sport when you’re taking a trip to the beach. One look at it and you can tell the dress feels quite comfortable. Komal Aziz

7. The sparkle effect makes this dress perfect for parties!Komal Aziz

8. The independence day look. While most people go for a flashy look on 14th August, Komal keeps it simple and elegant here. Komal Aziz

9. Another casual look. We really dig the rust colour she’s sporting!Komal Aziz

10. Last but not the least, the Halloween look!

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