Islamabad deputy commissioner takes polio drops to allay citizen’s concerns

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ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad deputy commissioner took polio drops on Thursday to allay a citizen’s concern who did not want to have his children vaccinated.

According to details, the deputy commissioner asked one of the volunteers to give him polio drops after a reluctant citizen refused to have his children vaccinated by the team during an anti-polio drive.

After seeing the deputy commissioner consume the polio drops, the citizen’s concerns were allayed and he allowed his children to be vaccinated.

Many in Pakistan are reluctant of polio drops and often turn away volunteers who want to vaccinate children to save them from the crippling disease.

Last month, two polio viruses were detected in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s district Khyber and Karachi. This brought the total number of polio cases detected to six in 2018.

The drive suffered a setback in September when parents of 2,800 children in Rawalpindi refused polio vaccination for their kids.

Many polio workers in Pakistan have also lost their lives in the past couple of years in their bid to rid children of the crippling disease.