Institutions lack trust of people: Lashkari Raisani

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KARACHI: Lashkari Raisani, Chief of Balochistan National Party-Mengal (BNP-M) said that the nation has no trust over the institutions because they are involved in politics.

He said this yesterday while addressing the journalists at Karachi Press Club. Lashkari Raisani said the establishment become the party in political issues against the will of the Constitution.

“Establishment must remain within its domain and work under the Constitution, Lashkari said and added that trust of the nation could be restored and country would develop if state ensure them to provide equal justice and autonomy. He said his party has extended cooperation to PTI. He said his party demanded the recovery of missing persons and provincial autonomy.

Raisani said his party also demanded the PTI not to treat the Balochistan like a colony and pay due respect to the Baloch.

Lashkar Raisani said that Balochistan is facing severe drought and government must construct dams for water. He said Gwadar must be handed over to Balochistan and province should be the part of CEPC.

He said Balochistan needed small dams and the money collected for dam should be use for small dams in Balochistan. Raisani said country should be run through federation and federating units and units be empowered and deal with equal justice.

He said provinces be allowed to run their political issues independently without any interference. He said before 2010 the country was running through 58-2B and after 18 amendments the provincial was given powers. However now the conspiracy is being hatched to rollback this amendments.