CJ seeks clarification from Azam Swati under Article 62 (1)(F)

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ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice Saqib Nisar has sought a clarification from federal minister Azam Khan Swati under Article 62 (1) (F) of the constitution in the Islamabad IGP transfer case, on Thursday.

A hearing of the suo motu notice taken by the chief justice was held at the apex court in which the chief justice inquired about the whereabouts of Azam Swati, who had not presented himself before the court.

When the chief justice asked about the whereabouts of Azam Swati, his lawyer said that the federal minister was not in the country.

He is part of a delegation that is overseas and will be available to attend proceedings on December 3,” said Azam Swati’s lawyer, Ali Zafar.

I can make arrangements for him to return to the country,” remarked the chief justice. “We do not know of any minister. In the eyes of the court, everyone is equal,” he added. 

The chief justice said that the real question was whether or not a person should remain a minister keeping in mind Article 62 (1)(F).

We are issuing a notice to Azam Swati to satisfy us under Article 62(1)(F),” he said.

The chief justice inquired about the family who had been locked up in the confrontation that had taken place.

When presented before the court, the chief justice told them that they should not have entered into an agreement with Swati.

We are fighting for your respect and for your daughters. Were your daughters not imprisoned? Who permitted you to enter into an agreement with him? You will not enter into any agreement with him,” he said.

Proceedings of the case have been suspended till December 4.