3 desi dishes to keep you warm this winter

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The chill is finally setting in Karachi! Here are the must-haves for your ‘dawat dastarkhwan’ this weekend!

Pakistanis, especially Karachiites love the cold weather but traditionally we don’t mix very well!

Chilly winds, frosty mornings and rain showers can abruptly stop life as we know it. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing because then we get time to cook some amazing food that’s reserved for this very season. These classic Indian and Pakistani dishes are made especially for the brutal winters.

These foods will give you the warmth and comfort you need to deal with the cold weather ( we know, we know, it’s not THAT cold. But hey, it FEELS cold and that’s all that matters)!

We bring you some of our tried-and-tested wintertime favorites:

1. Sarson ka Saag and Makkai ki Roti

It’s a classic Punjabi dish that takes a while to cook but it’s worth it because is guaranteed to warm you right down to the soul. Using the traditional recipe, it is made with copious amounts of butter and ghee and served with Makki di Roti which are flatbreads made from maize flour.

2. Ginger Chicken

When it gets cold and noses start running, you can count on Ginger to chase the cold away.

The desi herb has thermogenic properties. So, it keeps you warm while also boosting metabolism and promoting a healthy blood flow, helping you get warm and stay warm.

3. Mutton Karahi

For all those meat-lovers out there, this dish is a clear winner. If made properly, this karahi has the potential to steal the limelight at your khandani dawat this winter season.

The meat is slow cooked on the bone, making it gorgeously tender and delectable.