#100Days100Uturns: Bakhtawar takes PTI govt to task

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ISLAMABAD: Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari, sister of PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, has launched a scathing criticism on the PTI government over its 100-day performance.

Bakhtawar took to Twitter on Monday to grill Imran Khan government as it completes 100 days in the office.

Taking a jibe at the PTI chairman over his Bani Gala residence, Bakhtawar wrote: “Poor homes bulldozed, livelihoods destroyed, thousands out of jobs all under anti encroachment but Bani Gala still stands. The notices to oblige or an alternative should have been provided. Photos of shop remains are 💔.”

About PTI’s election pledge to create million of new jobs, Bakhtawar said that the party had only caused more unemployment ever since it came into power.

“No new 10 million jobs just more unemployment #100Days100UTurns,” she said.

She continued: We didn’t come from cricket fields so we didn’t mock security of PM even under NS.”

“We also never sympathised with terrorists. PTI termed it as VIP movement. Same with use of PM plane & use of commercial flights on official visits.. u know where this tweet is going #100Days100Uturns.”