AR Rahman backs #MeToo movement but warns against ‘internet justice’

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Celebrated music maestro AR Rahman has extended his support to the ongoing MeToo movement in India.

In his first response on Monday, the composer-singer tweeted, “Been observing the #metoo movement… Some of the names have shocked me… both the victims and their perpetrators… I would love to see our industry become cleaner and respectful of women… More power to all the victims coming forward!!”

Rahman’s Twitter response comes after many Bollywood singers, actress and women have accused some of the industry’s bigwigs of sexual misconduct.

In his tweet, the Oscar-winning composer also committed to creating a safe work environment for women during his endeavours. He wrote, “In all my endeavours, my team and I are committed to creating an environment where everyone finds a safe creative space to bring their best, evolve and succeed.”

The singer also cautioned everyone to not to ‘misuse’ it. “Social media offers great freedom for victims to speak up, however we should be careful in creating a new internet justice system, in case it’s misused,” tweeted AR Rahman.