Eminem, Joyner Lucas address homophobia on ‘What If I Was Gay?’

Eminem's fans are shocked he's addressing homophobia in latest collaboration with Joyner

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It seems like The Real Slim Shady has finally stood up. On Joyner Lucas’ latest song ‘What If I Was Gay?’ Eminem has a verse where he takes down homophobia.

Eminem, notorious for his homophobic lyrics from back in the day, features as a guest on the song rumoured to be from Joyner’s upcoming debut studio album.

This is not the first time that the two have featured on a song. Joyner and Slim Shady recorded the track ‘Lucky You’ from the critically-acclaimed album ‘Kamikaze’ released last year by the 45-year-old rapper.

In ‘What If I Was Gay?’ Joyner and Eminem discuss the bullying and discrimination that gay people experience. Joyner raps from the perspective of a gay man who just came out of the closet with strong references to his earlier hit ‘I’m Not Racist’.

“What if I told you that I was different?
What if I told you that something’s missin’?
And what if I told you we’re not alike
And the way that I’m feel inside is different than what you picture,” he raps on the track.

Eminem raps from the perspective of a homophobic man whose constant bullying caused his best friend to kill himself.

“And no, I didn’t know you would go right home and go take your own life
I ain’t mean for that shit to happen, I said I won’t cry
I let the best friend that I’ve ever known die
Alone, was gonna tell you the next day
I’m so sorry, I’m fightin’ my own demons, I won’t lie
They won’t leave me alone, eatin’ at my soul, this whole time,” he raps.

Eminem ends his verse with a twist, revealing his character is also gay.

You can listen to the song here