Zhalay Sarhadi says her item dance flopped for being fully clothed

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Zhalay Sarhadi is one of the Pakistani actresses who performed an item dance but could not escape a backlash, despite being fully clothed.

During her appearance on Ahsan Khan’s talk show, the actress opened up about her experience with the dance number ‘Jawani’ how she faced criticism as she did not wear revealing clothes.

She also cited how Hamza Ali Abbas was the only one who appreciated her in person, further adding that she was bothered when he took his commendation to social media.

In 2015, Abbasi had shared a post on Facebook saying, “I am tremendously proud of Zhalay Sarhadi for not taking her clothes off in her performance and proud of Yasir Jaswal for not going along with the emerging trend of revealing item numbers in Pakistani films.”

Sarhadi said she was not pleased with him announcing it online as he invited controversy by asking other actresses to follow in suit.