Ushna Shah slammed by netizens for demeaning pizza delivery guy

Furious netizens slam Ushna Shah for using 'demeaning' and 'sexist' remarks for pizza delivery guy

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Ushna Shah revealed in a series of tweets that she had to taunt her pizza delivery guy with some sexist remarks before he could sum up the courage to take the food inside her home. Netizens wouldn’t have any of it.

Pakistani celebrities nowadays are very outspoken on social media and are quick to champion various causes. Ushna Shah is known to be quite vocal on issues that concern women and animals.

All hell broke loose on social media when the actress tweeted about certain sexist and demeaning things she said to her pizza delivery guy, who wasn’t coming inside her home to deliver the food.

““Marrd banein”, “aap ek chaar saal ki bachi nahee hein”, “mardaangi peida Karein” – some of the sexist & demeaning things I said 2 my 2:30AM Pizza delivery guy 2 convince him 2 bring pizza inside as I held my barking & growling Pitbull back,” she tweeted.

Ushna tried to justify her statements to the pizza delivery guy by claiming that she urged the man to come inside her house for 10 minutes. However, according to her, when she challenged his masculinity, that was the moment he came inside the house.

Netizens were not happy, though. Here are some of the responses to Ushna’s tweets.

Seems as if Ushna wanted some attention from Pakistani netizens. It backfired completely. Oh well, here’s a lesson in here for all of us…