Sajjad Ali breaks the internet by singing ‘Pyar Kahan Bikta Hai’ after a long while

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Pakistani singer Sajjad Ali broke the internet by singing his hit song ‘Pyar Kahan Bikta Hai’ from a few years ago. The song continues to be a fan favourite till date.

Sajjad is arguably Pakistan’s biggest pop star. After he broke out in the late 1980s and became a star in the early 1990s, the singer has went on to conquer the music scene in Pakistan.

Sajjad hasn’t been seen in a concert for a while and it isn’t a surprise that fans miss him crooning his songs from yesteryears.

Well, he just did that. On Twitter, Sajjad uploaded a video of him singing ‘Pyar Kahan Bikta Hai’ whilst driving. The video instantly went popular on the micro-blogging website.

Last we checked, it got more than 900 retweets and more than 4,500 likes.

See and hear for yourselves!