Rabi Pirzada deletes suicide tweet threatening Modi

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Pakistani pop singer Rabi Pirzada has threatened Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a suicide attack over abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir.

The Lahore-based singer posted on Twitter a photo of herself donning what appeared to be a suicide jacket with a caption warning PM Modi over Kashmir. “#ModiHitler i just wish huh. #kashmirkibeti,” Pirzada said in the caption of the post.

She has now deleted the tweeter following backlash from netizens who reprimandied her for using the platform irresponsibly and projecting a bad image of Pakistan to the world.

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Last month, Pirzada had posted a 15-second clip on Twitter posing with a few snakes and alligators and threatened to unleash the reptiles on PM Modi for what he was doing to Kashmir.

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The Punjab Wildlife Protection and Parks Department initiated action against Rabi Pirzada for violating the Wildlife Act by keeping wild animals as pets. A court in Lahore also issued an arrest warrant against her.