Fans are furious with Osman Khalid Butt after the recent ‘Ehd e Wafa’ episode

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The recent episode of Ehd e Wafa has left fans in a very, very bad mood after Osman Khalid Butt ended up shooting his horse dead, leaving netizens furious at the scene.

So here’s what happens on this week’s episode of Ehd e Wafa–Osman Khalid Butt’s character Shahzain blows his horse’s brains out. Understandably, that left a lot of fans disturbed and a lot of viewers angry.

So what happens is, the loyal troupe ‘SSG’ gets involved in a scuffle over a girl and Shahzain is pulled out of college. He ends up losing a race and takes it out on the horse and in a very bad way.

His servants blindfold the horse and Shahzain pulls the trigger. The gun in Shahzain’s hand was blurred and the actual scene of the shooting wasn’t shown.

However, netizens were angry and accused Butt of promoting animal cruelty.

Butt even took to Instagram to answer some genuine queries from fans.