Here’s what Naimal did in less than an hour that surprised Hamza…

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Hamza Ali Abbasi recently shared with thousands of his followers on social media about something that his wife Naimal Khawar did in less than an hour that left him surprised…

Hamza is really proud of his wife and their love has always provided fans with numerous couple goals. Recently, the ‘Waar’ actor took to Instagram and shared something that Naimal did very quickly that left him surprised.
Hamza shared a picture of Naimal drawing a breathtakingly beautiful painting by hand.

“Hmm…she made that in less than an hour. What’s that feeling when you realise your wife is wayyyy more talented than you are? Oh yeah, it’s called pride and joy,” he wrote.

Hamza and Naimal tied the knot on August 25. The actor had shocked his fans when he had tweeted a few days ago that he was about to leave something that he had been doing for the past decade.

Fans were quick to guess that Hamza was about to quit the showbiz industry. The actor had embarked on a religious path after he recently performed Hajj.

Hamza has always been vocal against item songs and described them as ‘filth’. He has urged directors and producers to refrain from using them in movies as they tarnish Pakistan’s culture.