Meesha Shafi stands up for Jami, takes on Twitter trolls like a boss

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Pakistani singer and actress Meesha Shafi stood up for filmmaker Jami Moor, who revealed a few days ago that he had been raped by a ‘media tycoon’.

A few days ago, Jami shared his #MeToo moment when a lot of people were attacking the movement after a Lahore college lecturer committed suicide owing to alleged false sexual harassment allegations.

Meesha, a strong supporter of the #MeToo movement who has accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment as well, told Jami on Twitter that she stood with him.

As was expected, trolls started abusing the singer and taking her on. Not to be outdone, Meesha shut a lot of them down like a boss.

Meesha’s case had been dismissed by the Lahore High Court a couple of days ago. Meesha had appealed against the decision of the Punjab governor and the ombudsperson on harassment who claimed that her case could not be entertained as Ali Zafar was not her employer.