Jami wonders why news websites took out the word ‘tycoon’ whilst quoting him

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Film director Jami wondered why news websites had watered-down their stories on his #MeToo allegations against his rapist (whom he did not name) and took the word ‘tycoon’ out while quoting him.

Jami Moor whipped up a storm on social media when he revealed that he had been raped 13 years ago by a man who was a media ‘giant’ and a tycoon.

Jami claimed that the man had been his friend and the trauma he had experienced caused him to see a therapist for six months and take all sorts of pills and medication.

The director decided to reveal his harrowing experience after people started attacking the #MeToo movement when a Lahore college professor killed himself after he was accused of sexual harassment.

In a tweet, Jami slammed news websites for toning down his tweets and said that a lot of news websites had taken the word ‘tycoon’ out of their news stories.

“So story taken down by almost all channels at same time! Thats no error. Thats the power i was talking about. Where r the truth hunters? #metoo,” he tweeted.

“Check the reposting of all posts they all are missing the key details now. My tweet is re edited and toned down. Book launch and Museum part missing? #metoo,” he tweeted.

“And all reposting on news sites has Tycoon word missing im told and some other key elements missing,” he had also tweeted.

Jami thanked people for all the love and support they had shown him after he decided to share his #MeToo experience.

“I’m just overwhelmed by so much care and love. I cant thank reply individually as its now in thousands. Im learning to shut up so here quickly my sincere love to u all 🙏🏽 and i hope we all saved even if one soul then our work is done here. 🙏🏽 #metoo,” he tweeted.