#MeToo: Jami says he was ‘brutally raped’ by a ‘powerful person’ in media industry

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Pakistani filmmaker Jami has come forward with a #MeToo revelation himself, stating that he was also ‘brutally raped’ by a ‘powerful person’ in the media industry.

Taking to Twitter, Jami shared why he supported the #MeToo movement. Jami tweeted that he was raped 13 years ago by a person who had a ‘giant’ stature in the media industry.

In a long thread, Jami said that he still didn’t have the courage to name the person who raped him. Jami stated that he knew his friends would laugh at him and make fun of him but it was high time that he spoke the truth about what happened to him.

The filmmaker said that he had spoken to his therapist for six months about the abuse and he had taken Xanax and other drugs. He claimed that the rapist even came to his father’s funeral and he had run inside his home, cried and told his mom not to let him enter their house.

Jami said that 99.999% of the #MeToo movement victims are truthful. He said that it was time to come forward and share his own experience as people were attacking the movement two years after it began.