Filmmaker Jami says he’s about to name his rapist…

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Pakistani filmmaker Jami Moor tweeted on Monday that he wanted to name his rapist, a couple of days after he whipped up a storm on the internet by sharing his #MeToo experience.

Taking to Twitter, Jami stated that he was willing to reveal the identity of the man who raped him.

“To make it clean clear lets do the name release on Dawn with one freelance journalist, making sure all goes well? This might fix everything floating around. Checking with Lawyers but sounds ethical. #metoo,” he tweeted.

Jami had dropped a bombshell a week ago when he claimed that a ‘media tycoon’ had raped him 13 years ago. The filmmaker said that he had come forward with his revelation only after some people had decided to attack the #MeToo movement after a Lahore college lecturer killed himself over false allegations.

Following Jami’s revelations, a couple of news websites pulled down the story of his harassment and edited them. The word ‘media tycoon’ was taken out of the story.

Jami had tweeted a few days ago that no one was backing him to push the media tycoon in a corner.

“For the record no one is behind me or guiding me, establishment or any other paper. Everyone knows all my stance about all parties and establishment. Im not taking any calls so these rumors that im being used by them All bullshit. Im putting myself out and not the attacker is,” he tweeted.