Code of Ethics

All personnel involved with National Courier pledge to adhere to the Code of Ethics as introduced by the Press Complaints Commission UK. If you find something offensive, or have something to complain about, please leave us an email.


All members of the newspaper pledge an allegiance to conform to the principles of fair and just journalism. National Courier’s preamble requires our staff to uphold truth, transparency and integrity at all times. Our people attend seminars and workshops on the ethics of journalism.


It is imperative that an agreed code of conduct be honored not only to the letter but in full spirit. The responsibility to apply the code to all forms of content lies with the editors, proofreaders and content creators. We ensure that external contributors also honor the code of conduct; such as the likes of non-journalists and supporting staff.


At National Courier, we take great measures to publish fact checked, contextually accurate and relevant stories. We ensure that all the supporting pictures, info graphics, videos etc. are relevant to the context.


National Courier respects everyone’s right to privacy. We instruct our editors not to intrude anyone’s private life without consent. We never disclose private information to the public except under extraordinary circumstances.


National Courier believes that children (individuals below the age of 15) should not be interviewed or photographed unless accompanied by an adult. Similarly, young pupils must not be approached or documented at school or learning centers without the permission of authorities.


Lastly, National Courier does not obtain or publish material attained by deploying hidden cameras or other clandestine paraphernalia such as listening devices or by intercepting private conversations. We also do not engage in subterfuge activities to gain insights into something unless it is in the interest and collective good of the public.