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Karachi to gather for Climate March

Karachi: Climate change is now a scientifically established fact despite there being widespread apathy and outright denial of its reality. Globally, states and societies have become increasingly aware of the devastating impact it will have on the environment, ecological balance and livelihoods. The primary cause of these changes is our exploitation of the earth’s resources for unsustainable production and consumption practices.

The Rise Of The Flies (In Karachi)

If you live in Karachi, you know what we’re talking about. The city has become over-infested with flies. Lots and lots (and lots) of buzzing, sinister palm-rubbing and swat-escaping makhiyan. No matter what the reason, one thing is for certain: the flies have become a nuisance and a potential health issue in the city. And the question that’s on everyone’s minds is: How do we get rid of them?

Sindh govt announces Ashura holidays

Karachi: The Sindh government has declared Monday and Tuesday to be public holidays on the occasion of Ashura (Muharram 9th and 10th). According to a notification issued by the provincial administration, government offices, autonomous, semi-autonomous bodies, corporations and local councils will remain closed on the occasion of Ashura.   The federal government has already announced […]

MTI Ordinance is not privatization: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has clarified that Medical Teaching Institutions (MTI) Ordinance is not privatization, but part of public sector hospitals’ reform plan of the government. In a tweet on Friday, PM Khan said the MTI Ordinance is to enable improved and modern management of public sector hospitals. The PM said the hospitals will remain […]